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The days for deeds are few, my brother,
Then, to-day, fulfil thy vow,
If you mean to help another,
Do not dream it, do it now.

Freemasons are second only to the National Lottery in providing donations to charity in the United Kingdom and Beaconsfield Lodge has a proud tradition from its foundation in supporting both Masonic and Non -Masonic charities.
In 1912 the “Titanic” sank on her maiden voyage to New York resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives. It was regarded as national calamity and a Freemasons Titanic Fund was inaugurated. A special minute records the facts and express condolences with the relatives and victims. The brethren of the Lodge proved true to the tenets of the craft by making a spontaneous collection.

The Lodge was fortunate in that during the Great War whilst many of the members who were involved in the conflict all returned safely to their families.
The Lodge members contributed to their comfort overseas by periodically sending parcels of tobacco and comforts to the brethren on Active Service.

Indeed, a desire to volunteer and give something back is motivation that attracts many to join Freemasonry.
London Freemasons are active in raising money for charity and in recent years have raised significant sums that have purchased a laser Cyber Knife for Bart’s Hospital for the treatment of cancer patients and second London Air Ambulance.

Beaconsfield Lodge use the Relief Chest Scheme administered by The Freemasons Grand Charity where donations are made through the HMRC Gift Aid and are tax efficient.

Below is a list of Charities supported in recent years:

Masonic Charities

Royal Masonic Trust for Boys and Girls
Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
Masonic Samaritan Fund
Masonic Charitable Foundation

Non-Masonic Charities

Royal Trinity Hospice, Clapham
London City Air Ambulance
Coombe Trust
London Ambulance Service Emergency Responder Scheme
Grand Patron Lodge the Royal Masonic Hospital
Patron Lodge the Royal Masonic Institute for Girls
Patron Lodge the Royal Masonic Institute for Boys
Patron Lodge the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
Patron Lodge of the MMC London’s Air Ambulance Award


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