Beaconsfield Lodge


Lodge of Instruction

Be not uneasy, discouraged,

or out of humour because practice falls short of precept in some particular

Marcus Aurelius

The measure of success of the Lodge can be traced back to an efficient Lodge of Instruction or LOI in short. Beaconsfield Lodge has been fortunate in having an active LOI, indeed the foundation of the Lodge grew out of friendships established at the Kent LOI held in the Chequers Tavern,
LOI allows members to come together to learn, practice and rehearse masonic ritual, it provides the opportunity for younger masons to become involved in the life of the Lodge and learn and be mentored by the more experienced brethren.

Importantly it also gives the opportunity to socialise informally and get to know the other members, Beaconsfield LOI is normally followed by a supper and drinks for those who wish to stay.
The Beaconsfield LOI, meets on certain weekday evenings, 6 to 8pm, at the Habit (Davies Wine Bar).
Details of the dates will be circulated by the Preceptor W.Bro Jason Wright, LGR.



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